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Hello, Baby Clara!

A Journey Called Life

Clara, look at how small you were when you were just five minutes old.

Time flies by and it has been almost a year since you joined the family Mommy and Daddy started some years ago. Watching you grow and become more curious about the world day after day has been the greatest joy Daddy could have ever asked for in life. Read More

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

—Marcus Tullius Cicero

Hello Baby Clara
Hello, Baby Clara!

Hello, Baby Clara!

Hello, Clara Ying-Hsi Chen, welcome to the world at 12:40 pm on June 25th, 2017! Your Chinese name, Ying-Hsi, means embracing dawn and you sure have brought the whole family a lot of joy since you were born.

Daddy wants to tell you a little secret: He will never forget how you stopped crying for a moment when you saw him for the first time out of Mommy’s tummy. His heart was melted by your cute little face full of curiosity.

You have a whole world waiting for you to explore and a lot of pictures to be taken by Daddy. Trust Daddy, you will be busy! So for now, can you give Mommy and Daddy some sleep at night? Read More

Why do we do science? Why do we do art? The things that are least important for our survival are the very things that make us human.

—Savas Dimopoulos


珮嘉,這半年來籌備這場婚禮,妳辛苦了。半年前當我們才開始準備這場婚禮的時候,妳說,妳希望我能在婚禮上,以新郎的身份說些感性的話,主題是幸福宣言。 這一聽我心想,哇!這主題也未免太肉麻了一點。但珮嘉,妳以老婆的身份對我的第一個願望,我實在沒有什麼理由拒絕。那到底什麼是幸福宣言?我又該說些什麼呢?我想了想,我希望我的幸福宣言,是我從今以後,身為丈夫,身為一家之主,所要做出的承諾。而我所要做出的承諾,是我在生命中最重要的三個人身上,所學到的三個課程。

三個故事,三堂人生課程,三個我要做出的承諾。 Read More

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