Success Coach, Schmocess Cockroach

Bob wants to be rich but does not know how.

Tired and fed up with poverty, Bob decides to find someone who can teach him how to become rich. Bob is not a schmo and believes that only those who have been there done that qualify for giving advices. So with an extensive amount of research, Bob is able to find a rich man with an impressive resume: A legendary best of the best gold digging master who has defied all odds and conventional wisdom to make millions and millions of dollars by digging gold. Better yet, the rich man is now giving lessons for an unbelivable once-in-a-life time affordable low low price with a zero interest monthly payment plan!

Bob signs up for the rich man’s class.

Payments after payments, the rich man finally reveals his secret to Bob: Gold Digging Step 1 2 3. “What a brilliant idea!” Excited like a kid tasting¬†chocolate for the first time, Bob jumps up and down, shakes the rich man’s hand, and starts digging gold as soon as he walks out of the rich man’s place.

Bob becomes a hundredaire after 10 years of gold digging.

“Why am I not a millionaire like the rich man?” Feel defeated and puzzled, Bob goes back to the rich man’s palace and demands an answer. The rich man smiles at Bob and reveals his second secret: All but me who dug gold found nothing but dusts. Gold digging is for suckers. You become rich by sucking money out of suckers.


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