Success Coach Schmocess Cockroach

Bob wants to be rich but does not know how.

Tired and fed up with poverty, Bob decides to find someone who can teach him how to become rich. Bob is not a schmo and believes that only those who have been there done that qualify for giving advices. So with an extensive amount of research, Bob is able to find a rich man with an impressive resume: A legendary best of the best gold digging master who has defied all odds and conventional wisdom to make millions and millions of dollars by digging gold. Better yet, the rich man is now giving lessons for an unbelivable once-in-a-life time affordable low low price with a zero interest monthly payment plan!

Bob signs up for the rich man’s class. Read More

Photo Contest?

Question on Quora:

Are photography contests really worthwhile competing in?

I did the math when I entered the annual National Geographic photo contest back in 2012: For every $15 you get to submit one photo, which gives you a 0.01% chance to be one of the winners and 1% to be picked as one of editors’ weekly favorites. Better yet, each photo gets only 6 seconds of the jury’s time assuming they judge through the entire pool nonstop in a week (which is unlikely) and spend an equal amount of time on every single photo (which is even more unlikely).

So, I asked myself: Is it worth it? Read More

Bob Is Stupid

Question on Quora:

Why do I find most people around me stupid and keep getting a feeling that I don’t belong here?

Here’s a true story. A man was told that he was the wisest of all. “How could I be the wisest one?” The man was puzzled and set out to prove it wrong. He started wandering around his town questioning anyone he saw about the knowledge they claimed to possess. The man soon came to the conclusion that… he was indeed the wisest of all, for a little piece of wisdom that he but no one else had: the knowledge that he knew nothing. The man’s name was Socrates. Read More

Landscape Photography

I love nature and have been traveling the world in search for the perfect shots. I am neither a professional nor an artist but hope that my personal experiences would help contribute to the topic. Here are some of the challenges that I have personally been struggling with:

  • Poor Sharpness
  • Tripod vs. No Tripod
  • Boring Light
  • Poor or No Editing
  • Inclusion vs. Exclusion
  • Look “Out” vs. Look “In”

I will use some of my own works as examples to elaborate a bit. Read More

Last Day @ Microsoft

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1 + 1 = ?

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藝術 != 主觀

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What Is Strategy?

“Competitive strategy is about being different.”
—Michael E. Porter

“What is Strategy?” is a paper that Michael E. Porter published on HRB back in 1996 in an attempt to clarify the definition of strategy, which had been blurred by Japanese companies’ disruptive innovation in operational efficiency that had reshaped the competitive landscape in the US market during the 80s. So… What exactly is strategy according to Porter? Long story short: differentiation, trade-off, and fit. Read More


珮嘉,這半年來籌備這場婚禮,妳辛苦了。半年前當我們才開始準備這場婚禮的時候,妳說,妳希望我能在婚禮上,以新郎的身份說些感性的話,主題是幸福宣言。 這一聽我心想,哇!這主題也未免太肉麻了一點。但珮嘉,妳以老婆的身份對我的第一個願望,我實在沒有什麼理由拒絕。那到底什麼是幸福宣言?我又該說些什麼呢?我想了想,我希望我的幸福宣言,是我從今以後,身為丈夫,身為一家之主,所要做出的承諾。而我所要做出的承諾,是我在生命中最重要的三個人身上,所學到的三個課程。

三個故事,三堂人生課程,三個我要做出的承諾。 Read More